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La sede Autronic S.r.l. has been founded by actual President Eng. Guido Rustichelli in 1998.
Since the beginning, the main goal has been to finalize the experience acquired with the manufacture of electronic boards into the full responsibility of the production and design process of electronic devices. The experience has been developed as Technical responsible in other firms and developing researches and teaching in University.
The organization has been set up in full respect of high quality standards: the certification of the Quality System according ISO9001:2000 has been confirmed in 2004 by TÜV.

Products and Markets
Iniezione Sequenziale GPL The core business of Autronic S.r.l. is manufacture, development and design of complete systems used in conversion of vehicles to run bi-fuel, petrol and LPG / CNG or even dual fuel. The after sales service and development of new products is part of its activity, to achieve proper solutions to the needs of different markets.
The next steps will be voted to the research in the direction of emissions control, to find technologies and solutions to join alternative fuels with low pollution in bi-fuel applications.
This policy and experience have lead Autronic S.r.l. to cooperate with cars manufacturers to OEM application of its devices and conversion systems.
Electronic devices for industrial applications is another part of the business, for small machineries and heating systems.
The production is represented by 2.5 millions board per year, in 500 different types and with an average of 50-500 components each.
Autronic S.r.l. can develop or just manufacture according the requirements of Customers or adapting the products to the different markets.
The main Customers are from all over the world, from Europe to East european countries, Far-East and South America.
This is requiring a high reliability of all products, obtained through test and controls on 100% of the production.

Pick & Place per Montaggi SMD The design and development of electronic boards is made using CAD computer design, microprocessors exploiting systems and other suitable hi-tech tools and devices.
Both SMD, by mean of two complete lines, and PTH components assembly are used to achieve the goal of reliability and easy maintenance/repair of devices.
The two SMD lines are completely programmed by our experienced personnel, and the control on production is 100% under direct control.
Each line is composed by a loader, a pick & place machine, a multizone rifusion oven with forced ventilation and programmable profile, a downloader: they share a serigraphic automatic machine. The total capacity is over 30.000 components per hour !

Test and controls
Assemblaggio componenti PTH Autronic S.r.l. has the possibility to verify the presence, tolerance and value of the components mounted on the boards thanks to A.T.E. (Automatic Test Equipment). Functional tests on all bards produced for automotive use is our visit card to confirm extreme reliability.

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